The Internet Meme Culture

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Quatrième de couverture

A new global phenomenon is changing the history of media in a major way. Millions of people are producing, altering and sharing "memes" -- digital content comprised of stereotyped patterns. This "culture" is both inscribed within and shaping a new landscape ripe for a rich and complex investigation. For the first time, a phenomenon that is simultaneously global and local, pop and elitist; one that is constructed, mediated and structured by technology, can be observed with precision. Studying memes doesn't just mean merely understanding the digital culture that produces them; we must also invent a new approach if we are to grasp the complexity of the creation and dissemination of these patterns on a global scale.
Introduction - Memes as replications of the "même"
Information visualization
Internet meme cases
How to create an Internet meme
Interviews - Kenyatta Cheese - An Xiao Mina
Observations on the life cycle of Internet memes (Christian Bauckhage)
Remix culture: an ordinary poetics of the web (Laurence Allard)