To submit a manuscript

Do you have a publication project in mind or a manuscript to submit? Don't hesitate to contact us. We are available to discuss your ideas.

Send requests for information or manuscripts to:

Project Co-ordinator
Phone: 514 340-3233
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Our Services

Presses internationales Polytechnique publishes educational works that are geared toward university-level engineering students. It also publishes scientific and technical books in areas related to the broader fields of engineering and management and that are aimed at engineers as well as those working in industry. Its works, which are mainly in French but also in English, are promoted in North and South America and Europe and distributed all over the world.

With 25 years of solid experience in the scientific and technical fields, Presses internationales Polytechnique offers a full range of customized services to help you successfully complete your publication project. These services include:

  • Guidance and support from the beginning of the publication project (establishing deadlines, choice of format, structure and presentation of the manuscript, etc.), as well as personalized follow-up throughout.
  • Scientific review of the manuscript.
  • Linguistic revision and rigorous proofreading by revisers who have experience with scientific texts.
  • Careful page layout that respects the conventions and standards used in the scientific and technical fields.
  • Design of a book cover that makes the work stand out.
  • Wide distribution and targeted promotion tailored to the specific work.