Petroleum Refining. Vol. 5 Refinery Operation and Management

ISBN9782710808015 EditorÉditions Technip pages624 Published2001-01-01
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I. Background to refining.
1. Oil and Energy. 2. Petroleum products applications, characteristics, markets. 3. International oil markets. 4. Refining: a technical summary investments, margins, costs probable future developments.

II. Refining tools.
5. Introduction to linear programming as used in the refining industry. 6. Application of linear programming to refining. 7. Automation, process control and information technology. 8. Applications and their implementation.

III. Management and organisation.
9. Management and optimisation of refinery operations. 10. Logistics: transport and despatch. 11. Functional and organisational analysis. 12. Managerial aspects. Glossary. Index.