NEW : Guide to the Standards and Conventions of Graphic Representation


Guide to the Standards and Conventions of Graphic Representation

Reference Document

Author : André Cincou

ISBN : 978-2-553-0167-7

Published : 25 juillet 2013

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The purpose of this book is to provide a structured, fully illustrated explanation of the basic standards and conventions governing technical drawing. The approach - one topic per page - is simple and effective, giving an overview of each topic addressed, and of the information provided, at a glance.
The Guide contains the basic definitions and conventions of technical drawing, the conventional shape description, sectional views, dimensioning, thread symbols and their specifications.
An essentially visual tool in a convenient spiral notebook format, the Guide is a compilation of techniques and instructions to help readers improve their skills in the graphic definition of objects, including products, components, and even buildings,
in accordance with the standards and conventions of technical drawing. It is a concise, up-to-date reference manual, which fully conforms to the principal Canadian and international technical drawing standards.



This booklet is primarily intended for undergraduate engineering students, but community college students and drafting trainees will also find it useful, as it can be used as a reference manual in any course requiring a knowledge of technical drawing. Professional engineers, as well as designers and draftsmen and women working in industry, will find it an excellent reference.