Presses internationales Polytechnique

Publisher and Distributor of books in both French and English on science and technologies, in particular as they relate to the broad field of engineering. Presses internationales Polytechnique also distributes the books of several European publishers in North America.

New Release

Applied Reactor Physics - Third EditionEditorPresses internationales PolytechniquePublished2020-11-01$84.00
Guide to 3D ModelingEditorPresses internationales PolytechniquePublished2020-08-24$16.50
Cybercrimes et enjeux technologiquesEditorPresses internationales PolytechniquePublished2020-08-18$72.00
Transmission de chaleur - Recueil de problèmesEditorPresses internationales PolytechniquePublished2020-08-12$45.00


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