Continuum models and discrete systems CMDS 11

ISBN9782356710000 EditorPresses MINES ParisTech pages462 Published2008-06-02
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The CMDS Symposia were initiated in 1975.
CMDS 11, organised in École des Mines de Paris, welcomed 66 participants from 14 countries. With the aim to stimulate interdisciplinary research, it gathered scientists in various areas (physics, mechanics, materials sciences, applied mathematics, engineering sciences), working on properties and applications of physical systems, where the interaction between a discrete and a continuous description plays a major role. These Proceedings collect the content of most lectures given at CMDS 11, and covering the following topics: statistical mechanics, mechanics of complex fluids, of solid microstructures and of granular media, fracture at different scales, modelling of living structures, of composite media and of metamaterials, leading to new optical or acoustical properties.